Im trying to get a job ive been applying for so many and still nothing i havent gone to college for like 4 years , because i live with my bf . My bf dont let me go to college bc he tells me ina go talk to guys , and i wanna go back to school ,
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Those are selfish reasons that your boyfriend uses to prevent you from going to college. If you wish to go back to college, you should pursue these goals. Your boyfriend is supposed to support you, not hampering your ambitions to go ahead in life.

You can volunteer at places organizations to get to put on your resume, going to workshops would be a good idea also

Don't put your life on hold for a guy but if your serious about him than get your degree online. You are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to. Vamp up your resume and work on skills that will push you in the right direction. Good luck


Brake up with yo bf

Go back to school. Stop living with a douche. Be happy.

Your boyfriend sounds like a controlling *******.

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