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I start my degree in Math Statistics in September, I love the subject but in general, I hate working. I'd love to work on Wall Street in NY... But I just hate working. So why on earth am I spending all this money if I may not even use it? No idea!

To be honest if this was an ideal world, the man I love would just happen to be a very rich man, I'd never have to work and we'd live in a large old farmhouse with lots of horses and chickens... And then in weekends, we'd go to our town house in London and go to the theatre, out for dinner, bond street... Then on Monday, we'd go back to our farm house. And make three sons and one daughter! Oh where is he?!

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Keep dreaming!!!<br />
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I thought people who liked math were workaholics. guess i was wrong. I am mathphobic and I hate to work...