I really do not know what I want to do with my life...I feel hopeless most of the time, and I really feel like life is meaningless. I look at people and I wonder, "What the hell do they see in life that makes them do stuff?" I literally just want to sit around and do nothing. And yes, I am depressed, and have been for most of my life. Have been on treatment and who knows how many different meds now for like 2+ years, and today I'm at a worse state than ever...I've been at the hospital twice for trying to take my own life...but now I just dont know...I dont want to live, I dont want to die...Ironic, but its how I feel...I'm failing in college...and I dont even care...I just feel empty and well, i guess I'm a little I dont know...I guess I'm just opening up for more suggestions...i dont see a future in my life...just looking to see if anyone out there can help me find a path, cuz my 29301930 doctors and therapists cant...

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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

I dont see the point in life and i need to get a job but i don't have any skills,O bother what the point, i think i'm going to make money onlie and if i make richs i will just have fun with life.<br />
I have tryed to killing myself lots of time be it don't seem to be working out, i need someone in my life to make me hole. I like to think ive never been depressed i do not think i can, im just so bored with life and i see people so happy, i'm like where can i get from, i just want to be happy or what the point in living life, if i got nothing inside.