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for years i've been told that everything would work out. I kept my spirits high and felt in my heart that everything would be good. And it was. But recently I lost my job and bills are starting to overwhelm me and i feel lost. Sometimes i just feel like giving up and say whats the point. i can't live like this yet i have no choice. i've filled out so many applications that my spirit just can't carry on. i mean whats there to do. i can't go back to school because of student loan is riding my back...but i can't get a good job because i didnt finish. what can i do.???

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thanks for that...i am slowly doin what is needed to be done...i do have my best friend to lean on every now and then...wish others around me could show me the same support.

I completely understand what you are going through right now. I went to university and piled up a huge loan debt only to find myself working in a dead-end warehouse job instead of the field I "thought" I wanted to study. I took the job to pay the bills and with every passing month, I would put off trying to seek employment in my field for another month. Here I am 5 years later, not liking my job but too scared to find another one and giving up some sense of financial security. Hell, I don't know if I could even DO what I went to school for anymore as I've pretty much forgotten everything I've learned. But don't give up. I know things are confusing right now for you, but bettybutton is right, just take care of the roof over your head and the food in your stomach and the rest you can worry about at your own pace. Even I'm starting to slowly pull myself back to where I want to be by allowing myself a "mulligan" from my past mistakes and giving it another go at school this time in a field that I've always wanted to be in, but was too scared years ago to give it a try. <br />
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Sorry for the verbal diarrhea, but just know that, however cliched it is, things are darkest before the dawn. Good luck!

i know there are worse that could have happened, but being only 25 and going thru something like this my mental state took a huge hit. im slowly pulling myself back together. i recently got a call for an interview...i just hope i can wow them enough to give me a shot.

wow..I have money but a bad marriage...I would switch in a second, once upon a time I lived in a ratty trailer with my girlfriend who later became my wife, we struggled through college, both of us and had, "success"....i'd throw it all away for the good ole days of struggling, it is hard, but let me tell you there are worse things...the sub teacher idea is a great one...cut your bills down to nothing if you can, phones, cable etc...scrape can do mom fed five of us on hamburger helper many nights...good luck

i don't have credits in that field...i was going for business...not a good choice i brother is doing that and he loves it. i don't know if i could do it though.

welcome to life,. do you have enough credits to be a Sub. Teacher? All you need is 2 yrs, an ***. And your in. Talk to someone at a school and they will till you, that they are always looking for somebody. Or do what I did and drive a Tractor trailer, its so much fun just going across the country on your own. Its not for everybody, but there's also the challenge of been the few females in a male populated job.

i will try that...i wasnt expecting it to be this hard tho...