Where Do I Go?

I am 23 years old and have worked as a carer for 4 years I feel now is the time for change .I applied to a college for a course in social sciences as i am interested in this .Recently  my best friend past away who truly inspired me in so many ways but i feel without that influence then my life is going to go a spiral spin ...sad but true .


After applying to this course i wondered what career i may want to do thing is i really really want to help people and have been doing that these last few years i want to broaden my horizons yet im unsure how to .... everybody i went to school with have degrees now or are at uni finshing off i dont think im that intellegent to go to uni or motivated im learn more hands on and prefer to be open rather than closed in ....


Any help would be great please 

weemandy weemandy
22-25, F
Mar 9, 2010