Alone With No Path Ahead, In A Land Where Mistakes Are At High Cost.

I am? Am I really? I just don't know any more. I try to be a good person. I try to do everything right. People tell me I am a good person and I am doing everything right. However, the results I'm getting are less than what is expected. I am a 24 year old Boy. I say Boy only in the aspect that I don't feel like a man. I feel like a lost child in a jungle. I am alone, fat and hating my job that i spent my whole life up to this point working toward.

I don't know what I want in life anymore. I feel like I have experienced everything there is to see or do. The idea of doing anything is severely boring. Everything in life is just a bunch of the same stuff tacked together in a different way. I want something new.

Now I just sound like I'm whining.

I am active everyday. No, I don't work out, but I work hard as a computer Technician. I don't eat anything Strangely out of proportion and yet I am 350+ pounds. I try to exersice but I get burned out on it after one session and it just never happens again. I try to keep my house clean, but I don't even have the energy to do that. I know I need to change my life but my body is resisting it every step of the way and I don't know how to force it.

I have had three relationships in my life and only one of them was meaningful. I would like there to be something there but I have accepted that there most likely never will be. She doesn't like me back but If I were to lose the weight and change my ways I know there would be something there. I am highly socally akward and I know that if I changed my life I would be more confident. How?

I have no other ways to get the answers so I turn to the internet. Random People Of The World! Tell Me What To Do!

hopelessAlaskan hopelessAlaskan
22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

It seems like your weight is your biggest issue at the moment. You have revolved everything around that, your house cleaning, your social interactions. I know its easier said than done to just diet. Maybe u should seek a professional for weight less, a trainer, doc.

You should have a weight decrease! Just focus on your weight, anything else are not important before you are satisfied with your weight.Only one thing at a time!