The One Love

I fell deeply in love quiet some time ago, it has to be at-least 2 years by now. Many things happened with me and her and we both messed up our relationship but we would make up after awhile, we never lived in the same place before we only ever went camping in B.C together so i would only see her on summers :/ but we ended up not working out because she wanted to come to my city for university and i told her she should go where she originally planned because that would be waay better for her, so now she lives there. and i'm here all alone, iv never even been close to feeling the same way about a girl like her, not once :( i had a dream about her lastnight. . . i woke up and cried :/ i just dont feel right anymore, and i think i made a massive mistake loosing her, i dont know what to do with myself :'(
scotty136 scotty136
22-25, M
Nov 29, 2012