Dont Know What Too Do

we came home from dentist and he was Shiite because they just showed him his x ray so i said next time u will get it out and blah blah then he told me to get out when we got home i said why you treating me like this and he said get out i said no and kept saying it then he put a xbox game in i tried to ask whats wrong then he spat on me and  through my wallet at my face then i hit him back then i started to cry because i didn't do no thin wrong i was just being there for him.
I'm over being treated like this i said to him then he said **** off then leave 

now I'm here wondering what to do 

i truly love him i try make him happy and be there for him but he do sent do Muffin to me in return i do cleaning, washing dinner everything he do sent work and I'm doing a youth work course and everything else.

please help 
channy1 channy1
Jul 19, 2010