A Crossroad Of Confusion - Dreams & Reality

For about 2 years now, I've been friends with 2 different people. I fell in love with 1 of them. She doesn't return it but it doesn't matter. Recently, 1 of my other friends gave me a word from God, (We're both Christians), saying my soul mate is already in my life. She didn't gave a name and I don't think she got a name, just that word. And I was pretty confident that it was that same 1 I had fallen for. But it got interesting when I dreamt about the other friend last night (mentioned at the start), whom I don't know too well. So there, that's whats happening. Am I chasing the wrong person or am I letting something that's just a dream mess with my mind? I'm so confused.
DGSteele DGSteele
26-30, M
Apr 21, 2012