I'd Like To See You Happy...

Got to find your inner strength. If you can't then just throw life away. got to learn to rely on you, beauty strength and wisdom too. You're beautiful inside and out, lead a great life without a doubt. Don't need a man to make things fair, because more than likely he won't be there. Listen girl got to know it's true. In the end all you got is you.

You can throw away, every word I say.. Are you really happy?

The snapping voices in your head, making you go into a place of misery--making you want to go to a life of death, just STOP.


Don't throw away everything I say.

You make a human breath vibrant, make a smile glow. Everytime you come around, it litterally shows-that you make people happy. You bring your uprising, beautiful personality in a space, and you make people around you remind themselves why they are living. That there is something to live for. If you don't know who, look at the ones you love. The little ones especially. How they laugh, how they love, how they come close to you to feel better. You take them away from fears and thoughts they don't want to feel. You subsitute those thoughts with happiness. We need more of those kind people in this world. People like you. We need more smiles, peace, calm. Upbeat, vibrant people. Just. Like. YOU.

This is to living.

Although it seems like you are alone, you aren't. Although it seems like if you are battling this all alone, you aren't. I am here. Your family is here. And it's okay to let down your walls and do what a person does. Which is showing emotion. There is nothing to hide. Nothing to deny. I can see it in your eyes, you aren't happy.

Before you want to pull the trigger, and look in black and white, think and see clearly. Think of your sister. Think of your cousins. Think of your life. Think of the ones who love you the most. And most of all..

You are put here for a reason. To live a life with twists, turns, ups, and downs. Although it makes you blue, you need to understand that the more you hold on, cry, yell, speak, breathe, think, something absolutly beautiful comes out of it.

A better, wiser, stronger you.

Don't throw away, every word I say, maybe you will throw it all away..

But just know I love, I LOVE, I love, I LOVE, I love you so much, and just know--

I'd Like to see you happy..

-To Everyone who is battling depression and to my cousin who I love so much.
Andreadre Andreadre
May 4, 2012