I'll Never Find Closure.

I'm sick of people saying stuff like "stop dwelling on the past" or "move on, it was ages ago" especially when they're the ones that caused this never ending nightmare! When someone commits a crime do they not go to jail to do TIME? And there are those that do time for something they didn't do.
Well in a way, I did My time and I still am! ..For something I didn't do!
Those that know I'm not responsible for stuff that occurred many years ago, continue to put down the poison when THEY should be doing the time. Arrogance rules those kind of people who have moved on, but cant resist putting in their little digs to anyone from the place it occurred, warning them to stay away from Me. At the time, the main culprits were a woman and her father from a really twisted family situation. I was always afraid of them in the way I knew how dangerous they were with their tongues and how manipulative they were with how they did things. What made it worse was that dirty old man would revel in others pain, then his daughter would stick up for him by making whoever stood up TO him look like the nastiest, twisted person just for defending themselves against a pervert with a pillar of the community image. If those two in particular aren't running their mouths, despite claiming they have other stuff (or someone else's drama) on their minds, they left their mark and caused those lies to blow up out of all proportion.
Besides, what kind of sicko says something like "when my dad was giving you 'attention' he was leaving me alone" and then manages to gain respect from everyone?
I don't care how long ago it was or that she was only just eighteen. Why? Because they were always in it together, spreading lie after lie after lie and making up rumours about people enough to ruin lives! And someone younger than eighteen can go down for doing something that could result in destroyed lives, only it's done differently and has the same effect. Everyone was afraid of them, yet you see groups on networking sites about driving perverts out of town, yet these ones were RUNNING it!!

I genuinely believe that gossip should be considered a crime. Hardly anyone has any idea of the true pain it causes.

The target of all these lies sucked up to them and let Me believe I said something when he had known who was involved all along. I didn't believe the threats that were apparently made at the time. Most of what was said was hearsay whenever one of their followers made malicious calls and text threats. I didn't believe them.
Yet when I had written something similar to this in a blog about 2 years ago about those people scared of losing face, a hint from someone seeming to be him posting "very soon you wont have any face left" could have been aimed at anyone, it could have all been a coincidence, though it felt rather too coincidental with all the other stuff that kept propping up.
Who knows what goes on in the heads of people like that, people who teach us not to trust!

And how DARE they or he tell anyone to "forget the bastard past" when it was them who left the scars that will never heal because they're all too conceited to admit any wrong! I'm not at all humble about any of this, but furious and pretty insecure. Not to mention how responsible I hold them for what happened after that, what nobody should have to go through when they're most vulnerable, but have to keep it buried until it torments them everyday.

I said 2 years ago that I don't want to know anymore, that I'm not taking responsibility for others running their mouths. Well it raises to the surface after being dormant for so long. I don't know why. Never tell someone to move on about something you either know nothing about or worse; you could have helped fix it, but you didn't believe they were worth that tiny bit of decency. Well the only good thing being now is that I know I'm worth more than any of them when years ago, it was easy to make Me feel guilt for whatever the could that wasn't My fault, as though I had no right to retaliate.
Well I do and I will.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

Sorry to hear this from you, maybe I'm a bit too young to understand fully but why don't you just get away from them if they are the source of your pain and indignation? those people are not worthy of you to be arguing with them. <br />
This world is unfair, the evil roams free, the good dies.<br />
I hate people saying don't dwell on the past too, they are just too shallow.