My Unborn Child At Risk

I dont know what to do, I going out of my ******* mine. My unborn child is at risk and my doctor is in cali, im in louisiana. I am so scared that I am going to lose these baby. I have called my doctor and he said to just stay off my feet till I get back and as soon as I do to go in to see him. I dont know what I would do if I really lost this baby, I lost one already and when I did I ran straight to drugs. I cant do it again, I refuse to. The only thing is that I dont know how to greive, I would be so lost. I am going to do anything I can to have this baby. I have connected with my god and asked to please allow my baby to live. The doctor said that my baby is extermely underweight and that I have to start eating more. So now I eat something every four hours. He also said that I need to relieve all the stress that I have. I know that I have to let go of everything so I have been doing all the things that make me happy, like singing writing letters to my baby telling it everything that is going on and how I am feeling and how much I love it already, listening music a lot, and meditating . I take a hot bath three times a day because I always heard that it the best way to relax. I am trying everything to help my baby to be born healthy all I can do is continue to ask my god to be with me.
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LMAO! Dont act like you so ******* concerned about it now. ***** you proli knew about it before you left to go see your stupid *** mom, which you thought was more important then your child. I have a very good feeling that yes you are going to lose it because you cant ******* take care of yourself. You make me laugh, did you have fun back home what you did ? got you some meth? haha I bet you did.. Did it feel good? Your GOD isnt going to help you hoe. and you love the baby **** no you dont. You are ridiculous. I called your ******* sugar daddy about it before you left.. So you are saying that he didnt tell you.. OHH great man.. <br />
<br />
I am waiting for you to have that baby or lose it, for I can stomp a mudhole in your ***. <br />
<br />
REMEMBER WHERE YOU COME FROM *****.. 318 dont play right? remember that ****. I been gone for a while but I still got it in me, the 318 stays with you for life.

Remember that I come from the 318 too, you seen what I can do. I was there longer then you ***. So please baby dont act hard. I can get ghetto too. Stomp a mudhole in my *** wow stacy you going back in the gap to get that phrase. You know I dont care what you say anymore but if you want to do all this ****, then as soon as this pregnancy is over Ill be on your front door step baby. AND I DONT PLAY..see you later

I will be waiting babygirl!!

Relax! remember the doctor said no undue stress. stay calm and focus on a healthy baby. Lao Tzu once asked, "How do you clear muddy water? Leave it alone and it will clear itself." allow your mind to clear itself, just let go of the stress and the reactions that cause stress. Don't grieve till there is a reason, It is not something you know to do you just do it but that is not what is happening to you now so don't focus on that. Focus on the love you feel for your baby. Say it to yourself, "I love my baby!" make it a mantra and keep it in your mind, let peace and joy be your focus so health can be natural. There is no new secret to this. Relax think good things, eat good things rest and be happy. focus on those things! stay positive know you are loved and cared about. jack

I think you are doing all the best things for your baby! And writing letters to my baby helped me the most in my first pregnancy to cope with withdrawals and the father leaving and other family stress! Your baby is going to love & respect you for all you're doing for it!