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theres this chick at school we used to b somewhat friends no very close though, but she started to b a total brat to me... i dont know why, she turned every friend against me, when i see them talk i try 2 get in the conversation but they both walk away. this happened in 8th grade til the day she finally got out of my high school but did it stop there? nope she continued doing whatever she was doing using the buddy ystem etc. i could seem to get any friends after what she did, and now i moved far away from that city and moving to another state and i keep thinking shell be in that state or city when i move.... i tryied to stick up to her that didnt work i tryied to ignore her of corse she made it impossible to not react so then i tried to talk to about what the problem was.... she just gave me a dirt look or starred at me or made a nastey comment... i dont know what to do with her evilness
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Well, for starters, maybe you should have a little more respect by not calling her a "chick". Apparently, there's something going on with her and it does have something to do with you but she's not talking about it with you. Maybe it would be a good idea to write her a letter or send an email and let her know that your confused about her behavior and how much the relationship means to you.

sounds like she's jealous of you, don't let her bring you down

i try not to but she just makes my life more difficult then it already is, and to be quit honest i dont know why shes jealous of me...she has everything in the world

Just be yourself and you'll find some friends that really care for you instead of all those that are just wearing popularity masks (like it seems they were in your story). Don't let this keep you down, because although she might be crippling your chances with some friends, the true friends will always shine through. In fact you'll probably thank her for it down the road, when she gets all the drama and everyone turns their back on her because they were never her true friends and you've got the true friends to turn to and lean on.
She's filtering out the "friends" that will listen to her, who are just as bad as her. She might fool some good friends for awhile but they'll see the truth in time. Seriously though, don't worry about this too much, you're hurting yourself more than she hurting you if you worry. It also means she wins. Besides if you're moving to another city, there's very very little chance that she'll be of any influence. The only thing stopping you in your new home is yourself. Don't let her get to you, and try to start fresh in your new city. If she keeps bothering you there, I'd say talk to your parents about it or a teacher when they aren't teaching. They do want to help you. In the mean time, keep coming to us on EP! We love to help you too. We want to see you happy.