The Offical X

my recent x boyfriend was abusive, eventually we broke up, he found me on facebook, harrassed me i tried to get a protection order on him but of course the judge denied it ..... im afraid hes going to get a hold of me again and stalk me, i keep having these weird dreams, im in a resturant and i turn around and hes right there starring at me then when i tr to walk out of the building he grabs me then this other dude pshes him off me.... he contacted my friends asking where i was and this is important or what not... i tell him i dont want any thign to do with him he apparently thinks i love him ...but i dont never have never will i dont know how to deal with him other then call the police if he gets near me
emobearlove emobearlove
18-21, F
May 23, 2012