I'm In Love With My Girlfriend, But I Now Feel She's Still In Love With Her Ex.

It's tough to write the story about the situation I'm in.. & I try and it's just scattered.
What I will say, hoping it will make sense, is that I'm in a relationship with a girl by the name of Adrienne.
& Well, I don't really have much experience with relationships cause I haven't really been in one.
But I do know the feeling of falling in love with the special someone. & I know I can say at this point, that. I'm completely in love with her.
Though the thing is.. We've had a rocky relationship since the beginning. :/
All I've ever tried to do was to make her happy, though I tend to do the opposite.
Though from my point of view, I feel that she gets mad easily over the little things. When I say that we should look past them, and focus on the good/happy things with we are or will go through together.
So besides that, last night when on the phone with her she had said that she has to call someone at 11:45 PM. She then telling me, that it's her ex that she had been in a relationship with for 9 months. ( I had known about that relationship, but I don't know what had happened completely throughout it when they were together or the reason they broke upĀ )
& Well before she made the call her voice had some tone to it, she didn't seem down or anything. But after she had made the call, it lasting about 20 minutes I believe, her voice was very low. She had the tone of something being wrong.
So then I had asked if everything was ok, and did the call not go so well? & She told me that she was fine, though it was hard for me to accept because I felt there was something wrong. So I kept asking hoping she would finally let me know, but the more I asked the more she didn't want to talk to me.
Though she did tell me that her ex had said that she wants to talk again tomorrow/ the next day.
& Well it that were they are talking again, and I'm here trying to look for advice. She had told me that they're conversations never really last all that long because her ex gets mad easily and hangs up.
Though, this call is turning into 2 hours. my mind is racing a mile per hour. I'm beginning to get a headache.
She thinks by talking to her it could help her to give up on her, though I would think by not talking to her would help also.
I could see it both ways.
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Hi<br />
I think you have a right to feel uncomfortable about your girlfriend talking to her ex. it is probably time you reassess the relationship and see whether she really is committed to you and whether there is any real future in your relationship.<br />
But despite saying this, I know its easy to give advice but taking it on board is a whole lot difficult because you always feel that they don't really understand.<br />
Good luck, put yourself first