There's. Always A Way

I am new to EP and the Web social scene the Web has always been a tool to me. However I thought I had issues and problems. Sure I am a father of two , married and always broke. My wife cheated on me a few years back and we've moved on. Or so she would think but every day hurts just a bit but it hurts.

I work hard for the family and put up with allot from all angels sure I am no angel but I try to make sure I do my bit. My question is simple why do I feel a failure and a poor father and husband. I must be doing something wrong?

But then I read some stories on here and I realise that I am in far better place than some. So I am here for you. I feel that some of us share the same stories and perhaps our lives run parallel, but you need me just as much as I need you. I like you just want a friend or some one to talk openly to some one else's take on life.

So I am here for you are you there for me?
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Sep 18, 2012