Dream Big?.. Bull Sh!t.

Why do people tell me to dream big.? Keep my head up high? I just get disappointed. My dreams are always to big for me to get. Always. My friends tell me I'm a beautiful singer.. Tried, realized there was no hope for me, gave up.
I was in hockey once.. I loved it. Still do. Hockey season comes around, ask my parents to join, seeing as I need to practice to be in the Olympics. Nope. Won't let me. For the past few days I've new been skating in my hockey skates. Practicing to get better. But why? What for? I can't be in Hockey. Gave up on that too.
There is a lot more things I've tried, yet failed at or gave up on. I don't understand why I can't do anything. I don't wanna be some person that works in the oil patch or some desk job when I grow up, (not that there bad jobs.) I wanna be somebody. I wanna do what I love doing.. But yet, I can't have that.
I was always taught to dream big.. But now, I wonder.. I wonder why. All 'dreaming big' has done for me, is let me down.. I give up..
LilButterfly18 LilButterfly18
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

You see there is something else you need to do besides "dreaming big"...Dream won't come true itself, you've to make it true. And of course, if you give up, you'll never win. So, work on it. Keep doing what you love to do. I'm sure you'll get successful one day. :)