What The Hell Do I Do??

My bestfriend is giving me such issues...It's not even funny. We will just call him Mr. A. We were like BESTFRIENDS EVER until his b!tch of a girlfriend came along...now she just ruins it. He lies to me about having no time to skype when he is really skyping her, and I just feel like he doesn't care anymore :c I mean tonight on chat I said "Hey I have some great news!! can we skype?!?" and all I got back was "Sorry I'm going to bed. and don't send me a goodmorning text. I will wakeup when I want to and if i remember I will text you. goodnight and sweetdreams"....='C I have no idea what to do...I feel like I am losing my best friend DX

2nd. I recently got another bestfriend...His name will be Mr. D. and we have known eachother since my freshman year (I am a jr and he is a sr now) and we like...clicked instantly when we started talking again. We both understand what the other has gone through and he is just...amazing at listening and talking with me and honestly, one of the funniest guys ever xD He even offered to take me to the valentines dance next month so I don't have to go alone again. I mean he is like a Grade A bestfriend :) only thing is, it seems like he might want more than a friendship. It may be because his last gf (aka LOVE of his entire life) broke up with him a few months ago. I understand his feelings might be swimming because I understand how it feels to have someone break up with u then THINK u have feelings for the first guy that shows interest. I am keeping things at friend level for now :)

So ya...ANY advice for either situations would be AMAZING!!!!!!
Yours Truly, TrappedAbs
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Why are you blaming Mr A's girlfriend instead of blaming HIM? Mr A is the one who's treating you differently now. Even if it is because he's too wrapped up in his new GF, that's HIS choice to act like that. She can't MAKE him treat you badly. HE'S choosing to do that all on his own. If he was a real man, he wouldn't, no matter WHO he was dating. So yeah, Mr A is an @sss. And he's quite a wuss, if he's allowing his GF to cause him to act differently toward you. If he loved you, he'd act like it. Period. Don't make excuses for the guy.

Mr D sounds like a cool guy, but for some reason, you don't want him *in that way* So I'm guessing he has no real chance with you. Right?

yea I've realized that even after they broke up he is still an *** to me so he is out of the picture(hopefully for good this time)
and Mr D ended up hating me after a while...idk why :'( I didn't do anything wrong, everyone I know can see that. He just decided to push me out.
Then again, we've come to realize he does that with everyone he cares about :( sigh
all well...