What Should I Do?

There's this new guy on my school, he's gay too. i have a crush on him..

I really want to talk to him but:
1) his friends are really popular, scary and mean
2) he's two years older, and here' on my school we only talk to people of the same age. So It's weird if I would go ane talk to him.
3) I'm really shy (but only with him, I'm usually not a shy person)

I sent a message on facebook: (this is the converstation)
Me: 'Hi, are you that new guy? That friend of (names)? I'm sorry for bothering you..
Him: Yeah, I'm the new one. Haha, doesn't matter. But who are you?
Me: I'm just someone on the same school, I just saw you on school and then I saw you here on facebook, and I was wondering if it was you, omg this is so awkward

(I sent another message)
Me: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have sent you message, I'm sorry..
* no reply*

What should I do to befriend him?
Glacidee Glacidee
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I understand that in high school things like this seem terrifying, but I promise you it's not going to be a big deal if you talk to this guy. Don't let his friends intimidate you. Just because they're "popular" doesn't mean that they're better than you. Just understand that they are people too and if they're mean to you it's probably because they're insecure and not happy with themselves or their lives. Trust me if you're nice to someone and they aren't nice back it says absolutely nothing about you except that you're a nice friendly person and speaks volumes as to what kind of people THEY are. Just go up to him and try to strike up a conversation if you're at a loss for something to say just ask him questions what music does he like? What classes does he have? You know small talk. There's nothing people love more than the opportunity to blab on and on about themselves. Nine times out of ten it gets a positive response out of people because you took an interest in them. If it goes well keep talking and eventually ask him to hang out. Just make sure this guy is gay before you take a giant leap into anything because if you're wrong about this guy's sexuality and say something that makes him uncomfortable I don't think I need to tell you how miserable your life could end up being. High school is what it is.....hell. I just hope that kids nowadays are more accepting and wouldn't let something like that weird them out and take it to extremes. Just be careful sweetie and use good judgment. Good luck!

how'd u know he was gay too??

a friend from him told me and gaydar..