My ex and I have 2 teenage boys. He has problems and has done alot of things for which my kids are resentful. I recently found out he is terminally ill. The kids now know too and still don't want to see or talk to him. While I completely understand my kids position, I don't want them to have regrets later. Should I push it or let it be?
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Oh that is a tough one. I had trouble getting my daughter to speak to her birth mother. She did not want to for reasons I can't get into here. I pushed her to still contact her mother and it did cause her to be angry with me for doing so. I did w hat I thought was right as a parent. She got over it eventually. I think with the current situation that he is terminal, that you must be strong and do what you think is best for them.

I lost my Dad when I was 22. We had a GREAT relationship and I STILL wish I had had a chance to talk with him about things you can ONLY talk with your Dad about. I don't know that I'd push it, but I'd remind them that death is forever! As bad a guy as they see him now, when they were little, I'm guessing that he was around and helped at least a little in raising them. Diapers, formula, baths, pacifiers. You only get 1 Dad in life and once he's gone, he's GONE! Can't tell them or you what to do. That said, there's not a Father's Day that goes by that I don't want to sit and cry. 😔 And I'm almost 50!

Thank you. My dad was pretty awesome too.