So, there's this guy.
He's everything I have ever dreamed about, despite the fact that he's nothing at all like the boys that most girls my age are into.
He's funny, kind, sweet. He is a strong advocate for peace, justice, animal rights and everything I believe in. He's an artist, a musician, a boycotter of the standard ways and ideals. He's basically the same person as me. We're the only hippies our age that either one of us have met. We have deep conversations about moral and spiritual issues and to be honest, he's my best friend. I've never met someone like him. He says he's never met someone like me. We're fellow pioneers in this strange world.
I sometimes think that I like all these other guys, but I would never, ever dream of dating them or anything. I'm a little bit too over-romantic but yet withdrawn. But he's different. I can imagine... I can imagine a life with him, I guess. I know that's silly, but I can. He has slyly asked me out one or two times, but I have a weird fear/apprehension about dating people so I avoided it.
Here's the thing, though. He has quite a lot of depression and OCD, he tells me. I haven't spent enough time with him face to face to ever figure out how bad it is, but it doesn't show when he's around me or in public situations. He also told me that he's been diagnosed with Aspergers.
I was talking to my friend about him and she told me not to go out with him if the opportunity arised, because however composed he may seem in the outside world, I don't have a clue what he's like at home.
What should I do, do you think?
LeavesOfSunshine LeavesOfSunshine
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014