Me and my friend got in a huge fight with our two guy friends. It started because they were saying horrible nasty things about us, and we told the one that was saying the majority of the things that we didn't want to be friends anymore. That made the other friend angry, because he said we should have just accepted his 'apology'. Now they aren't talking to us and they say they don't want to be friends with us because all we are is drama, which doesn't make sense because this is our first fight in six years of being friends? Me and my friend tried to talk with them because of how stupid the whole thing turned out to be, but they said no. We all live on the same street, and we see them everyday. Sometimes they look really bored, or will wave to us, or go by like six times. Do they really hate us and not want to be our friend, or do they just not want to be the ones to apologize?
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Perhaps you should ask them if they still want to be friends. Sometimes a direct approach can be the best one. They might just need some time to cool off or figure out what to say.