I've made so many memories over this summer and I just have to up and leave? Being back here in Canada makes me want to live here. I've made a bunch of friends that I'm forced to say bye to just to turn around and see them Christmas time and say bye again. I just want everyone to stay in one place. I miss so many thing about Canada! Well having a cry fest before bed tonight as I gave my last hug to my best friend n his family. They're basically my second home. Im probably gonna miss them more than my own family. At the same time Im happy to go back to Qatar n see my friends and boyfriend. It's just so overwhelming everytime this happens, literally everyone wants us to move back but mom keeps saying no. I just don't want to say good bye cuz I'm missing out on so many things. Sorry if this experience is all over the place, just so many feelings.
TallyO TallyO
18-21, F
Aug 23, 2014