I feel like i love this guy
Please read my experience about I met a guy online before continuing. I would love all the help i get in making my decision with such an awesome community

Its been 6 months that weve been talking. He has a gf whom he loves and she loves him too. But the way that he gives up time with her to talk to me because he claims im special to him and all. Over the past month, we went 11 days without talking and he called over international calling and got charge for it but he didnt care. then again something happened and i ignored him for 2 days and were both sitting there hoping the other one would text first... but both times he spoke up first.
He has plans of marrying me, we make it a priority to facetime every single day.
Just yesterday i told him i cannot facetime and he was like just facetime for a minute-- i ask him why and he says because i need to hear your voice and see you at least for a while.

Idk, i have so much anxiety over this guy. I get these feelings that i havent felt before and he gets so emotional when he talks to me.
He says randomly that if it were to benefit me and good for me he would say yes to anything i want regardless of a second thought....
now i know you guys might say im falling for his lines but im looking at the actions he takes. As far as i know weve never lied to each other,.. maybe ive told a few little lies but him never,
He says bye to his gf, lies to her and all just to talk to me. He stays up till 2 or 3 am to talk to me even with school the next day. The way he looks at me, or at the screen when we facetime... why on earth would he do this for someone he hasnt met in person.
He talked to my grandma... and wants to see my mom now.
Im excited... but should i have hope of us coming together?
Hes even applying to schools in the USA near me so we can be together. I want this to last, regardless of how many fights or misunderstandings might happen i feel like with him i can get through it. Ive never had this confidence with anyone else.
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I feel happy for you :), it sounds very much like me and my girlfriend when we first came together, enjoy it, and just BE. Let go and do whatever you feel, if you trust him and he seems sincere, just don't give up beforehand :), best of luck.

Thank you so much and I'm glad to hear about your story. I really have hope but I just fear being blamed and I don't even fear losing him