How Can I Love U

How can I love u & never really get to hold u in my arms & love u like there is no hope of tomorrow! I wanna love u beyond sex & intamancey but I am not getting a chance. What must I do to prove my love is true, bold, bright, & amazing toward's u?


   I've fallen in love with u; ur my everything I've ever wanted in a soul mate, I was once for a long time bi-sexual & I'm almost turnning full lesbain just because I love u & want u that much!!! Its breaking my heart that I cannot love & spend time with u, like I want too!!!

 I would jump in front of a car for u, I would give u my heart so u could live if u ever needed a heart transplant so u could live longer, I would even give u my lungs too keep u alieve longer if ur lungs ever stoped working proplery, I would cry a million tears till my face is all swelled up just to take away any pain away for u, that u may feel, I would purposley jump off a 18,000 foot cliff and porpusley & bust my body to pieces with my brains laying on the hard cold concerate rocks too show u how much I love u & how true I mean with my love!!

                            END OF CHOURS

        I wanna love u forever, I wanna hold u tight in my arms forever, I wanna be ur everything, & I want u too know that I am NOT obssed with u but truley in love with an amazing woman that I wish & hope on a shooting star, to marry u one day but only if its meant too be!!


         My heart's Beating for u!! U are my fire beneathe my soul that flickers underneathe my soul, u are all I've ever wanted & have been searchin for my whole life!!!

    When my moods go raggining or just catioc at times its u that's there too always calm me down, when I've fallen & have lost hope in life u've been the one to catch me, like I said u are my all in one huge but most loving & amazing package, I am blessed as can be too have u in my life and too love u the way I do and to have u love me the way u do too!!

                                 END OF CHOURS

       I've never felt this way before, I've never had such strong feelings like this before. I trust my heart my heart; my heart knows what it wants & so do I, which is u my best friend, my everything, my lover, & so much more!!!


                        This is my song I wrote for my girl Jenn:}

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2009

Absolutely Beautiful. Is Jenn your Girlfriend?