Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie

I am so tired of lies!!! When I met him I told him the most important thing to me is being open and honest. Open meaning sharing everything - honest meaning not lie-ing. Constantly I come across things he's hiding from me - but since we got married its gotten worse...Now its not just mails from ex's, now its also ****. I even did a little test to see if he'd tell me - I never expected he would lie! I thought after the last time He'd be truthful cause he promised. He promised never ever to keep anything from me again. And he betrayed me once again! And yet he cant even understand it....I've been married 8 months and I dont sleep in the same room as my husband anymore. Today we didnt even say a word to eachother.

Will he ever be able to be completely completely open and honest? Can I ever trust him?? How can I believe him when he promised and he broke can I ever believe he's telling the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth??  

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Yeah I'm sorry to say love but I'd say he's a serial liar. Iv been with a person b4 that I thort was the one and got caught with your examples and lied my arse off to get out of it but the truth is I just couldn't be honest with her. Please don't have kids that won't help. I think you know all ready. :-/

I can also relate....I have told I do ever one at the beginning ...1-dont cheat on me and 2-dont lie to me....3-if you make a promise..KEEP it because I am big on them and 4-I will pit up with alot of sh*t but when I say "Im Done" then I am looking back and no more chances Plain and Simple!!!! Wing....if you are continuing to catch him in lies and he's breaking promises....Leave him....if you have given him the opportunity to correct his errors and he hasn't or doesn't then cut your losses and find a real man....NO MAN or WOMAN is worth it no matter who they are or what they have...Good luck dear

I'm so sorry about him. If he promised he would be faithful and truthful with you and broke his promise by decieving you, then hes not worth it. it must be really hard for you to figure things out. But he is not a very good person if he lies to you, apologizes, and lies to you again. Its not right, God bless and i wish you all the best.

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Well I can't relate to that, but hey you guys been marriend for just 8 months and look how many troubles your going through already, i dont know but i mean why put up witj someone that promises u thing and then brakes them uh, like in the firts commen you nly have two choices stay with him or just brake up, just try to do the right choice ok, don't be with someone whos letting you down so many times, i dont know is just my opinion, I hope things get better for you, just do the right choice, text him, and if he trully loves you he will get back to you, because you cant just be suffering anymore<br />
Good luck

I am so sorry that you are going through this. I can relate. I was lied to for 11 years and should have done something for me long ago. Ultimately, you have only two choices. You can stay in the relationship or you can leave. Either way there will be life lessons learned and will most likely be painful. People lie, cheat, and steal due to fear and insecurity. It is very difficult for a person who does these things habitually to change. I wish you luck with whatever you choose. If you need to talk to someone who has been there, I'm always here for you.