I never have anything to say to new ppl.. What the hell is there to talk about really? You have to have small talk before you start a connection. Weather? huh.. Thats dumb as hell. I took my dog for a walk,im not wearing underwear today? My dog died? I cant talk about that. What to ppl talk about? I have a really hard time connecting with ppl. The only ppl i talk to are my mom,sister and my hubby. I wish i had a bestfriend just like my husband. We get all of each others jokes. I say what i feel, convo almost never stops flowing. So why cant i talk to anyone eles? It sucks that i dont really wanna be marred anymore. We can have convos sure but he hates life , he has no feelings, dosnt wanna go anywhere. I want out!!!!! Im not 65.. im 25! I want life! I wanna be alive... but nothing comes out when i wanna connect with someone.. i cant connect. I wish i could. When i try to talk to someone. They give a one word answer  or i give to much info to fast. I dont know what to do?
nirvanachick25 nirvanachick25
Jul 28, 2010