Why Is Talking So Much Different Than Writing?

There are times I know what to say to people. An interaction at work, sharing something I know, asking how something went. All conversational variations on a theme, and not all that hard to work with.

But a conversation, an interesting one, seems to elude me. There are times that the words just flow and it's the most awesome thing ever--but it sure doesn't happen very often. I think it just might be a connection with someone at the moment.

Most of the time I stretch for things to say, until the conversation just falters. Or I say something that evidently no one cares about, because they just keep talking without acknowledging that I said something. (That doesn't happen often, but it irritates me when it does because we're, you know, adults.) The worst is when something reminds me of something that launches me into storytime and I ruin the conversation. But sometimes it's either that or nothing at all.

I think the language that flows from my hands when I write/type must come from a different part of my brain than talking. If only talking were as easy as writing...
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Y'know you aren't alone on this. Some people think faster on their feet and have that gift of gab. Others, like me, need time to process and think before they express themselves. Everyone is wired up differently.

I often feel the same way. I feel I can write stories that wow even myself and yet if I am talking to someone they have no clue the point I am trying to make. Is it because reading someones words makes it easier to see them and their point of view? Does reading make the brain think about whats being said more then listening? I don't know.

There might be something to that. I know that I tend to look away from people when I am listening (especially when they are giving directions) so that I can understand them better. I wonder if it's so I can "see" their words. What do you write?

It used to be people went to gatherings and parties to meet and talk to each other so communication was a real skill. Today we live in the world of social media where most of what we do is read and write so our skill is now higher there. I think its why so many relationships are failing any more compared to the old days because no one knows how to talk in person to anyone any more.