In Person...

I choke.  I can't think of what to say.  My mind becomes completely blank.  Even with people I used to see every day, used to know so well, used to talk to all the time.

Over the Internet though?  I can at least keep up a semi-conversation, but it's still pretty pathetic.

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3 Responses Jul 6, 2009

do u get choked only on things which u are not able to say it to people......or on everything........sometimes its the case of fear that what whether i said something is such case i will advice u too always open up to people....what the worst could happen...wither he will take ur advice or he will laugh on u....and when nu already know whats the worse could happen then why should u choke......and never ever rehearse anything.....its jus a conversation and not a essay writing......jus speak whatever comes into ur mind.....and let people decide how it is...sometimes we ourselves decide that its wrong...hence we never speak up....if u don have idea on the particular topic if a person is asking then jus say i don have any clue what u r talking about......he will appreciate the honesty and will try to teach u what it is.....i always used to choke when i was in high school......but after all these experiences i have become the best of all and have never ever got choked when having a conversation....i sometimes choke to as many people as u can....bcos if u don improve on ur conversation this will later affect ur jobs or business.................hope this helps.....cheers

i get what you mean. i get like this when we get away from randomness to anything serious. i shut down and god forbid someone asks for advice or they start crying !! oh god im such a bad friend i think becasue i cant help you ooh god i wish i could but i cant.. its a bummer.

I feel the same way. I will rehearse a full conversation in my head before I even attempt to actually say anything to someone else.