Cigarettes can give you lung cancer, we ALL know this, I'm not saying they're not bad for you, I'm not promoting smoking them, what I am saying is that the media is all of the sudden making a big deal out of something we already know. What I haven't seen on tv commercials is ramen can give you cancer if eaten frequently, store-bought bread has additives that are poisonous to our bodies, mcdonalds has a record for putting human meat in their food, gatorade has been making people sick, potatoes and reeses have been found infested by maggots, and that **** that we're spraying onto our crops we aren't supposed to inhale because it's actually toxic but... we're ... eating it... So if we don't wanna die young maybe we should just all stop eating. And breathing, and drinking anything, and talking on the phone, and microwaving food, and just about everything else we do.
PsychGirl94 PsychGirl94
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Everything we eat turns to poison. That's why we have liver and kidneys to filter out and detox.