Lol Multiple Personalities.

I think I may have some sort of identity disorder, I'm ever changing in who I want to be DAILY.
So of course that means multiple looks. 9_____9
Anyone else deal with this sorta crap? lol. xD
Soarre Soarre
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1 Response Jan 8, 2011

I had the same thing going on.. i think. I often notice that the clothes in my closet are of different styles. Everyday I change style. I only noticed it when someone told me I look like someone else in our school and it turned out that it was me he was talking about and he didn't know, even i didn't know. It's not like a total make-over moment. I was told that my personality changes with the way I dress. There are also days when I love a certain style of clothing and then the next minute I changed tastes but then I change back to that taste just like that time when I was wearing a certain style of clothing then while walking outside I feel like crap all of a sudden and I thought that the style doesn't suit my taste and then a few minutes later I like the style. I notice that there are four different styles in my closet. There's one that looks tight and cool, one that looks dainty, one that looks daring, and one that looks smart (which I'm currently wearing). I don't know if that's multiple personality but I think that what you're experiencing could be a sign? I don't know what mine is so I can't say much about what you're experiencing but I think we're similar. :)