I Have No Clothes...

Okay so, not literally. I own clothes, but I'm still wearing the same generic T-Shirts and Jeans I had two years ago, and I've grown a fair bit since then. I just never know what kind of style of clothes to wear. I'm into literally every kind of music imaginable, and it's the same with basically everything else (wide range of TV, books, etc.) I haven't bought a new item of clothing in almost a year, which is quite a long time if you're a teenager, and therefore still growing and changing and stuff. I just really have no idea where to shop that's reasonably priced and not as boring as shops like H&M or Primark, but not as slutty as some of the "Alternative" or Emo online stores. Any ideas?
HalfDoomed HalfDoomed
2 Responses Mar 25, 2012

find what you like. do you like bohemian, trash, Goth, natural, sporty, prep, bold, light colors, dark colors, etc. just work the Google and look at these diff styles ;) #goodluck
I feel like this everyday but I found a style #prep

Listen! Change your whole style. Skirts and dresses from now on. I mean very stylish togs not your every day stuff. You will be suprised what happens.