Angel Is Having a Minor Breakdown!!! She Needs Help!!!

Okay, EPers, I need some help right now! This is a VERY SERIOUS MATTER! I have a Date today, with the Love of my life, and I want to Look GOOD! I have NO Idea what I am going to wear! We are having Grinders for lunch, going to the library today, than going  bowling, and than tonight, we are coming home, watching a Movie together! I have No Idea what I am going to wear!!! Please Help!!!!

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5 Responses Oct 5, 2009

Well acording to the date of the posting it is WAY too late now. However Stockings or pantyhose, A nice navy skirt, A tailored white blouse with shoes to match your clutch or purse.

You can wear what you feel comfortable in.

sounds good :) Have a FANTASTIC time!!!!!!!!! :)

Wear casual something comfy but sexy, jeans brn belt sounds good :D nice big white button down shirt,under a skimpy sensual top..have a great time sweetie! Xo<br />
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you'll look HOT!! no matter what :D

Wear something cute yet casual and comfy :) Like, for one of my dates, I wore a cute wide necked red buffalo check shirt. The sleeves came down to my elbows. For my pants, I wore skinny jeans and a brown leather belt :)<br />
Good luck, i know you'll pick out the right thing! :)