Just When I Think Things Have Settled...

Ok so my parents are splitting up. me my mum and my brother packed up and moved away to leave in town. its been a couple of months and a lot has happened... and it hasnt really hit me yet but ive just started settling into a routine there. Mums been texting her now ex boyfriend (not my father)and saying she still loves him despite his drunken fighting and 2nd betrayal! ... this is the norm. Just when i think i know whats goin on. Just when i think mum is pining for This man back but is settling into town life she breaks down on me and i receive the biggest shock ever. 

Last night she broke down and said she wanted to move back home with my dad!!! The man she was about to divorce, who she no longer loved. And back to the house which was not her finished dream and which was riddled with painful memories. This will mean moving again!! And ive got a level exams going on at the moment. I will have to move everything back, and gimli (my chinchilla) wont be there. I wont be walking to school anymore but more weirdly my parents who were at each others throats and who have felt so much pain, slept with differnt people will be back together.. i think if anything ever was going to send me totally insane this it!!! xXx

LunaWolff LunaWolff
18-21, F
May 20, 2012