The Lights

For about 4 or so years now I've been seeing brightly colored lights. Mostly I see them glowing off of objects, most prominent in more vividly colored ones. Different colored objects give off different colored glows. For example today I was in my school's football stadium which is red. The whole thing gives off a green glow. The yellow goal posts gave off a deep purple glow. Red always gives off green, yellow purple, white blue, black white, etc. Certain colors always have the same colored glow. If I try, I can see glowing lights around people too, but those are not always the same color and I usually confuse the person's colors with the colors glowing off their clothing. Sometimes when I zone out and am relaxed I can see bright colors floating around, like colored orbs. Or sometimes the colors just hang in the air. I have to be trying to see those though. The lights that glow off objects I see all the time, pretty much automatically, and the longer I look/stare, the stronger it gets. No one has ever been able to tell me what this is, if its something wrong with my eyes or brain or what. It's driving me nuts. I've just attributed it to my craziness, but I'd still love answers. At this point I've sort of given up hope that I'll ever find out what's going on with me, it just makes me feel better, comforts me I guess, to put my story out there.
Hush92 Hush92
22-25, F
Sep 9, 2013