The past month has been, ineffable. I feel as a leaf on the wind, left to toss and tumble. One moment, I am on a path to peace, the next, I'm being thrown back down the pit of which I have only just started to climb. Change. One of the most feared of things in the known universe. Something that I don't mind. I would like for my current situation to change, for the better. But until that time, I am forced to keep trying. Sometimes I wonder if things would be better if I only knew why, why I am forced to go through such pain.
ZebediaLaukkanen ZebediaLaukkanen
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Never give up on yourself Forest-Wolf

We all feel that way even I do so whenever I feel like that I just grab my dog and I hold him in my arms like I do when I'm either sad or I just want to drown out everyone

through pain we find strength.
through turmoil... we find peace.
stay strong, no fear

Don't give up! The universe challenges us to test our resolve and to make us stronger. There have been many things I've gone through that at the time I don't know why, but later I use it as a stepping block, a foundation for myself. "I've made it through that, look how strong I am. I know I can keep going now." The pain is unbearable...but it makes the other side of it so much sweeter too.