He Says He Will Quit......

     My husband the alcoholic did not have one drink last nite. At this point i am not even getting excited about his actions. It is difficult with alcoholics because he may want to stop but he is not using any resources for help or support leaving him very vulnerable. I myself work with people with addictions and see how quickly people can return to their addictions without the proper support. 

  But last Night not one drink he kept saying he had to keep busy that was the key. This morning he awoke saying he felt good and thought it would be okay. I can only continue one day at a time. Maybe this will change things hopefully for the better together or not.  

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My husband went to detox in Sept. and was to follow up at an out patient treatment but he never did. He has attempted in the past but always goes back to it because he does not have the right support. today makes two days of no drinking. We will see. He won't go to AA. And Asalinasova is right you can't take that one drink because you can easily fall back to drinking. Thanks for your comments

I feel for you, too ! Good luck, blesings and courage !<br />
Has he tried alcoholics anonymous ?<br />
My friend tried, and she was at her best while involved !<br />
Now she was told by some GP she had to stop gradually (because she had a fit and went to hospital), but that does not help her at all ! If you're alcoholic, you can't have one drink at the time, that's the whole problem !

Thanks it's not easy after 16 years of building a life together and the children. It has not been easy to walk away even with all the other things. thanks for your words.

I really feel for you. I don't want to sound discouraging<br />
but he really does need help to quit. My husband tried for years. He was not successfull. I was by myself with four kids. I hope that everything works out for you.<br />
My story is long and I won't bore you with it.<br />
I just wish you both the best with all my heart. Debby