Before we lost our virginity to each other, my wife and I played around a lot. The same night I made second base, I also made it to third. (I thought about asking her if I could make it a home run, but that's another story.)

Over the following weeks, she let me either lift up her skirt completely and pull her panties aside or remove them entirely. Or she let me pull her shorts off. By now, the weather was warm which made such shenanigans easier.

I began to not just gently finger her, but to finger her hard. Hard enough to ******. She loved it. I can't recall if it was just once or on a few occasions when there was some blood on my fingers after I finished. It didn't bother me a bit. Sometimes I used all four fingers and got quite vigorous. But never any complaints. ;)

Years later, we talked about how she didn't bleed when when I finally made love with her. She said her hymen must have broken some time when I fingered her. It makes sense, but she never felt it. And there was never much blood when I did finger her. I've read about guys having to push hard to penetrate a virgin ***** to break the hymen. I never felt anything like that with my fingers.

I kind of wish it was a bigger deal for both of us. But I'm glad there was no blood on my sheets when we finally enjoyed each other fully.
devotedhusband devotedhusband
46-50, M
Aug 18, 2014