I should say i didn't know when i would stop breastfeeding. When i had my eldest i knew i wanted to breastfeed her util she was at least a year old,by the time she was a year old baby number 2 had come along, so i decided if i was going to breast feed one i might as well breast feed two,so i carried on with the eldest until she was 2,i would have gone on longer but baby number 3 had arrived! I carried on feeding my son until he was two & also fed my youngest until she was that age as well. Had i not had my third child i probably would've carried on feeding the other two unti they were maybe 3 or 4. WI know some people think thats strange breastfeeding at that age but i find it a perfectly natural thing to do.x
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It's natural. Would love to see your daughters when they're 8 or older breastfeeding from you. You're a good mother.

It's beautiful I agree

Please keep breast feeding your daughters it's so good for them to keep intimate contact with your loving breasts. It will help develop into loving girls. Don't ever stop. It's wonderful.

perfectly natural

is there an age limit where you think it's certainly time to stop?