I Wander

I live at one place and work at another that's okay. But, if I forgot where am I and where to go? That is more like a career discussion..where do you see ..yourself in let us say 5 years.
Then you start from, where you are at present..what are you doing and then comes..yessssssssss..where is it taking you?
If, you think all your present actions are partly wrong, then change gear and reverse and take the first bend , in the road of life.
My friend Spitbak told me, it is always wise to leave the path that has sorrows and guilt, or sadness for it will kill...better to lose time than to waste life.
No matter, what age, make the best of the remaining life.
Young people should be more careful, it is getting hard to live on planet earth, older to be careful for breaking bones mending time has come..and Middle aged..well you have seen some and remains unseen the rest..you got wisdom and strength and battle is on...maybe you lost few..but war is yet to finish.
Good Luck! I also don't know where I am..but I am looking :))
Perksplayhot Perksplayhot
36-40, F
Dec 10, 2012