Where to Begin

I don't know where to begin. I just want to vent and I have no one else to complain too. I have a very bad relationship with my sister. Shes lives out of the country (fortunately), however, she comes into town with her 2 bratty, uncontrollable kids for 2 months out of the year. The rest of my year is peaceful and uneventful. I have a good relationship with my parents for that part of the year. But whenever she comes in town, my mom starts bringing up random crap that we settled already and Poof! the good relationship is gone. Until she leaves and its like nothing ever happened. so confusing!!

She is so rude, manipulative and just an all around *****. Instead of calling or talking to my face, she sends nasty emails. So many of them, that I had to block her from my email. Just random mean stuff. Even saying mean things about my puppy, what a ***** that I AM. I just can't deal with it! I live only 15 min from my parents and enjoy seeing them. Whenever she comes into town, I try to be nice and it bites me in the ***. So screw it! I decided I wasn't going over there to visit or talk to her while she is in town this time. I don't want to get upset, stressed or have drama. There are enough problems with work and everything else in my life right now. However, my younger sister, mother and husband all feel the need to nag me to go visit over there. Ummm WHY? We've had problems for 4 years now and its all going to change with me going to have dinner with her? Why does my family want to torture me like this?

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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

For starters, I would send this, what you just wrote, to your sis, mother and hubby. We're, as a whole, better at explaining things in writing than face-to-face. Maybe you and the above mentioned could also get some group therapy.........just a thought. It's my belief that all of you have some underlying issues. Can't tell you how much all of you would benefit from a session with a good therapist.