Where to Start?

So many things has happend over the last to years that i don't know where to begin... I meet this wonderfull guy over the internet (we both played a game online and thats how we meet).

When i meet him we was just recovering from a horrible break up with an australien girl, that he had had an on and off relationship with for the last 7 years.

After a while he insured me that i was the one for him and that he didn't want to wait any longer for us to be together ( i was living in Denmark at the time and he in Belgium).

But like out of the blue i found out i was pregnant and i decided that i wanted to keep the baby, and he said that it was okay and that we would see it through together.

In September 2006 i then moved to Belgium with very little of the things i had been gathering over the last 26 years, left my family, friends and everything i have come to know to be safe and secure behind.

On my 27th birthday he asked me to marry him and i of course said yes, i knew this was and is the man i wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

When i arrived here in Belgium i couldn't find any work since i then was 3 months pregnant, so my dear fiance had to support me from the start till i could get a job after the baby was born. But thats where everything changed....He became a different person, a person that i never knew excisted.

Our lovelife kinda went down the drain, since he started watching a lot of **** insted of being intimate with me (not really a turn-on knowing that your boyfriends prefers **** and *** on a pc insted of me). I found out that He resumed his relationship with his ex, this time as "friends" chatting and writeing mails, I didn't even know this untill i saw a mgs on his cell when i had to borrow it, at first i pushed it away and thought i was fine with it, but i remember how he felt about her and he didn't think to tell me that he was in contact with her again.

It's painfull to now know that im probably not the one he wants, but only the person he chose becouse he was doing the right thing.

I never used to get like this...sad, angry, frustraited and feeling completely alone.

I would like to talk to him about it, but i know i can't he will not understand why i feel the way i do.

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1 Response Aug 14, 2007

break up with him and go home to your family you will be happier in the long run i promise.