So today my step mom was doing my highlights with Violet colored pravana and when I had to rinse it out she didn't tell me that I had to do it away from my body......... I'm purple now.
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Oh my gosh that's hilarious but awful. I know the pain. I dyed my friends hair red and it stained my hands and I got a few splatters on my arms and stuff and people kept thinking I was bleeding. And don't even get me started on the time I dyed my hair black

Barney please

Omg, my brother said that I looked like I had sex with Barney :)

Barney fetish? Still less disturbing than some of these ep posts..

Hahaha, yeah. Those were weird :)

That's awesome though!!

Yeah, until I realized that I can't leave the house looking like a purple minion.

Yes you can that's awesome!

Hahaha, nah 😉