My Only True Love

Six years ago I met the man who will forever be my one true love. I married him and then for the next several years I was so afraid of commitment that I threw him out and then dragged him back in a number of times; until he could take no more. He is now being very ugly to me and while I understand him being angry with me, he knows my background and also knows that most of what I did was to please my family or his, neither wanted us to be together. Sometimes I think he's just been hurt so much by me, and then sometimes I think he wants me to pay for it all, but no one person is responsible for relationship problems. I wish I could hate him, but I know that I will forever love him.
Angel111302 Angel111302
46-50, F
2 Responses Oct 25, 2006

You deserve someone that understands your flaws, not someone who tries to shove them down your throat. Chovhani's right.

It's impossible to stop loving someone, so don't bother trying. But you don't have to like him, which is quite a different matter. If he treats you badly, the reason is irrelevant. It's time to move on. You deserve better.