He message me on fb. He askd do. Still have feeling for him. Yes I do but I dont want to tell him. He always does this to me. I feel as if want to tell me something but it gets mixed up n we end up fighting. Tue worst part is our prides. They are so big that ugh it stops us from say everything. He is the one that talks to me first, looks for me and he makes it seem as if I am the one to die for him. I hate him so much fo the memories, and for the love I feel. I wanna just escape him but I feel as if I dnt talk to him even if we just fight, that I am lost nmissing him so bad. Ugh can aanyone give me a little advise on wither I should tell him I still love him.....n p.s I think he has a girl and I won't ever brake a relationship but I just want to tell him something n not have my first regret .
sabedoria sabedoria
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013