It Was Bound to Happen

After years of doing things I didn't want to do, traveling, performing jobs of technical support for people all over the world, watching mindless T.V., playing addicting MMORPG Video Games, I'm not sure what I like anymore, what I love... I'm Generation X, and have had a lot of time to think. What do I think?

I think I'm bombarded with Hollywood and its antics and Mega Corporations ballad's of Evil. With all of this brainwashing, I don't know how anyone knows who they are anymore.

With the advent of the internet, I am opened to more knowledge that I could ever dream, and with that comes lies painting itself as Knowledge.

There used to be many things that were me, that, I used to take part in. I'm just lost in all this mess, I just moved into a 1 bedroom apartment and I don't know who I am anymore.

Where do I go from here, how do I start something I never new ended? I have vacation from work. Perhaps travel, who knows.

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Jun 15, 2008