Who Have I Become?

I'm a senior I'm high school. Surprisingly I have gotten into a few colleges. But lately I don't know who I am. I used to have a solid group of friends and do really well in school and complete all of my work and be overall a happy person but that's just not me anymore. At the end of last school year, the stress of life caught up with me and I started to become depressed, I got sick all the time, and my grades dropped. I got better over the summer but now I don't recognize myself. I'm depressed and I started burning myself to let out emotion. I drink whenever I can and smoke weed whenever I can. I look for these outlets now. I lie to my parents constantly. This isn't me but my body is addicted to living this way. I don't know what to do.
lostmusician lostmusician
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

quitting weed is a good idea. speaking from experience.

Yeah I know, I mean it's not an everyday thing. It just makes me feel good when I do it, ya know? I know I should stop though

sure, but it also makes you not really want to do much of anything. it's cool i guess in your teens, but by the time you are 20 it's time to stop. you are expected to get a job,study and such and it's hard to stay motivated when you are smoking weed. has quite a large detrimental effect. i wish you luck anyway.