I Am Lost

Everymorning i get out of bed and look in the mirror trying to figure out who i am, I used to be happy and love life now im always feeling sad and hate life, I am trapped in this body and i cant get out,

I am lost and cant find my way to the tunnel of happinness, i hate who i am.

heidster heidster
31-35, F
3 Responses May 30, 2007

Sending you love and happy thoughts, I'll send you a flashlight so you can see yourself out of the tunnel of darkness, keep thinking good thoughts your'll get there.

hi there. all you can ever do is believe there is a way through. i don't know where your darkness started or why, but mine is self imposed(ish) and it will never go away. all i can do is manage it. but maybe you can find some more hope with your friends here. <br />
i'd send you a lightbulb, but there isn't one in the gift shop, he he

love urself.I know by time u'll overcome all of that.Just be strong we're all experiencing the same thing,