I Dont Even Know Where to Begin...

i dont even know where to begin... its like, things were so clear and obvious 2 yrs ago... and its like i woke up one morning, not knowing who i was anymore... i cant pin-point it to any single event....it just kinda happened... and it seems that the more i try to figure out who i am, the more lost i get.... and i dont ever really know why im putting my effort into something, because [based on the past 2 yrs] il just hate it in a few months...so im basically just wandering...and i feel even more confused because everyone else around me seems to know exactly how they want their lives to turn out.... i just dont know who i want to be or what i want to do... so i just get through each day, with no exact purpose other than to not bother anyone else....
cheshirecat287 cheshirecat287
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2 Responses May 31, 2007

i went through that its like nothing rly matters so why bother got rly depressed started cutting almost killed myself sorry dint help ya much

you know what, i kinda have the same thing before,, and i got out of it the hard way.. i tried reshaping myself because i didn't have a concrete view of myself and was jealous of the people around me who know who they really are... i don't know,,, i guess everybody passes through that, some just find their way out faster and easier than others.. I've been adviced countless times to just be myself and to stop thinking that i'm lost or confused, because the more i think about i'm lost, the deeper i get into nothingness... i think you'd hold on to that thought, it helped me a lot.. take care..