I Don't Know If It Was Worth It.

11 months ago I moved about 2 hours from where I grew up to take a new position within my company.  I got a huge raise, but it required a lot more time and effort.  I now make a good deal of money, but I am not sure that it was worth the price that I paid.

When I met my ex I was making 10.50 and hour and together, we only made about 25,000 dollar a year.  But we were happy.  We went to the lake every weekend and had fun.  We didn't have much money, but we were never poor. 

As we grew together, I started to advance in my job, and working hard to provide for my new family became very important to me.  We worked hard, but we still always had time for each other and the family.

 She quite her job and got her CNA license, and we moved to a near by town where she got a much better job than she had before, and I got promoted again.  We were in a much nicer house, but now she had to work every other weekend and I was now gone 3-5 days a week for work.  Things were a bit more stressed between us now, and we were starting to fight a bit more,  but we were making much better money.  Now together we were making about 38,000 dollars a year.  Only now we had less time together and for the family.

 I was offered another position that gave me a huge raise, only we had to move about two hours away from all of our family.  We talked about it and agreed to it because we thought that we would finally be making enough money to be able to do the things that we always wanted, and I would be home every night.

 What we didn't realize was that the cost of living in the new town was insanely high.  I found us I nice town home near the park, but it took up almost all of my raise to get, but all the other places we a dump and in a trashy nieghborhood that wouldn't be suitable for our two young sons.  So we took it.  Due to there being no child care available she had to take a job working overnight as a CNA so that she could watch the kids during the day.  Not only was she still having to work every other weekend, but now the weekends she had off I was now on-call, and was unable to go anywhere.  I would get up in the morning and leave for work right as she was getting home, and as I was getting home she would be leaving.  Now we never had anytime for each other or the family.  We couldn't do any of the things that we did when we first met and were happy.  We started fighting all the time because of the stresses of work the lack of quality time.

 We have now been split up for 4 months now.  In the end we were together making over 75,000 dollars a year, and were more poor and apart then we ever were before.  In the two years we were together we increased our income by 300%, and were more miserable then we have ever been in our live.

I would this day, this very instant give up everything to be back with her again at the lake like we were when we first met.  I thought that by focusing on my career and providing for my family I was doing what I was supposed to do, but I did it at the cost of my family.  I am only 26 years old, and I would give up everything just to be able to hold her in my arms again and to be together like we were in the beginning.  For no amount of money is worth the love of someone else.
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Are you sure she doesn't feel the same way?<br />
It may not occur this way to you, but you are fortunate to have learned this valuable lesson at such a young age.<br />
Now - go out and prioritize your life so that it works for you and your sons. And you and someone special, too.<br />
Good luck